Big Numbers: Japanese vs English

Big Numbers: Japanese vs English

English big numbers are expressed in multiple of thousands. Japanese express big numbers in multiple of ten-thousands.
This can create a lot of confusion. Here’s a quick reference table.

Japanese English
Ichi 1
Ju 10
Hyaku 100
Sen 1 Thousand
1万 Man 10 Thousand
10万 Man 100 Thousand
100万 Man 1 Million
1000万 Man 10 Million
1億 Oku 100 Million
10億 Oku 1 Billion
100億 Oku 10 Billion
1000億 Oku 100 Billion
1兆 Cho 1 Trillion
10兆 Cho 10 Trillion
100兆 Cho 100 Trillion
1000兆 Cho 1 Quadrillion
1京 Kei 10 Quadrillion
10京 Kei 100 Quadrillion
100京 Kei 1 Quintillion

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