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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve the entire US market and beyond.

We will find you professional interpreters to assist you at your location in all major US metropolitan areas. If you need service in areas where it is hard to find the right resources, we will find an interpreter that can travel to your location.

San Francisco Bay Area / Los Angeles / Las Vegas / New York / Chicago / Atlanta / Boston / Seattle / Dallas / Washington DC /

Do you need a Japanese-English interpreter?

From professional conference interpreters to affordable communication assistance,
we have the right resource for you.

World class conference interpreters (using UN style simultaneous interpreter booths)

・Large international conferences with mixed language audience (including visitors from Japan)

・Global sales or product launch meetings with representatives from your Japan office

World class conference interpreters (using UN style simultaneous interpreting booths)

Flexible format simultaneous interpreting (using portable transmitters)

・Board meetings and executive presentation meetings

・Presentations to visiting Japanese guests

・Training sessions, facility tours, and other meeting formats that require mobility and flexibility

Flexible format simultaneous interpreting (using portable simultaneous interpreting transmitters)

Consecutive interpreting for small group discussions and negotiations

・Sales/contract negotiations with Japanese clients

・Engineering discussions

・Audits, attorney-client discussions, etc.

Consecutive interpreting for small group discussions and negotiations

Video or telephone conference between your US office and parties in Japan (consecutive only)

・Interpreter can join you in your conference room, or;

・Assist remotely over phone or video

Video or telephone conferences between your US office and client in Japan

We are happy to provide customized solutions to meet your business requirements.
Please send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Interpreting Service Formats
and Fee Range
  • The speaker stops after every 1-2 sentence for the interpreter to translate. (Thus, typically requires twice the time to cover the same material.)
  • The most common interpreting method for small group meetings and negotiations where accuracy is more important than speed.
  • Less experienced interpreters are available at affordable prices for less demanding assignments.

Fee range

  • $30-$300/hr (depending on experience)

(w/ interpreter booth)

  • Large international conference (think UN) where speaker cannot stop after each sentence for interpreter to translate.
  • Interpreters sit in booth and translate simultaneously as the speaker’s speech. Translation is delivered wirelessly to audiences’ headset.
  • Requires at least 2 interpreters to work as a team.

Fee range

  • $1000-$2000/day/interpreter (times # of interpreters)
  • Booth and equipment rental: $750 and above per day

(w/ portable transmitter)

  • Simultaneous interpreting in a mobile/flexible format such as factory tours, etc. that require mobility, or when booth setup is not possible.
  • Usually requires 2 interpreters.

Fee range

  • $1000-$2000/day/interpreter (times # of interpreters)
  • Equipment rental: $250 and above per day
Telephone /


  • Interpreter can physically join you at your office for the call, or can participate remotely by phone or video.
  • Simultaneous interpreting is not possible over phone/video.

Fee range

  • $50-$300/hr (Experienced consecutive interpreter rate.)
How it Works (for customers)

1.Use the “Inquiry Form” below or simply email/call us to get a free quote or ask us any questions.

2.We will respond with an email or phone call and may ask for additional information to confirm your requirements.

3.We will start the search for the interpreter that best matches your needs, and will prepare and send you a quotation/proposal in parallel.

4.When you accept our quote/proposal, we will secure the interpreter for your job. Subsequent cancellations may result in cancellation fees.

5.The interpreter will perform the job as scheduled.

6.Upon completion of the job, we will bill you for the job.

7.Please remember to evaluate/review the interpreter to help others make a better choice in the future.

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About TsuyakuAmerica.com

TsuyakuAmerica.com aims to build an UBER-like platform that efficiently and conveniently connects customers in need of an interpreter with freelance interpreters looking for work. Over the coming months, we will be making many changes to this website and our platform to fully automate the entire process of finding and hiring a Japanese interpreter.
TsuyakuAmerica.com (=Interpreter America), launched in June 2018, is a sister site of HonyakuAmerica.com (=Translation America) which has served the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009 with top quality Japanese translation and interpretation services. With the recent rapid increase in demand for in-person Japanese interpreters in the US, we are launching this new site to better serve our customers.

Hiroki Minaki
Founder & President
Hiroki Minaki
Founder & President

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2225 E. Bayshore Rd., Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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