Remote communication is the new normal.​
Are video calls with Japan wearing you out?

Language barrier is a challenge
  • Calls are always harder than in-person conversation​

Scheduling an interpreter is a hassle

  • Frequent short calls (often short notice)
  • Minimum charge
  • Odd hours due to time difference
Wish you had an in-house interpreter on your team?

When remote just doesn’t cut it, ​our interpreters are available to assist on-site.

Depositions, Witness Preparation, Arbitration, M&A, Due Diligence, and more…

San Francisco / Silicon Valley / Los Angeles / Las Vegas / New York / Chicago / Atlanta / Boston / Seattle / Washington DC / Honolulu / Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya / Fukuoka / Kobe / Yokohama

About us

TsuyakuAmerica (Japanese for”Interpreter America”) has been in operation since 2010 in Silicon Valley, CA.
As our Japanese name suggests, the company differentiates itself from other US language service agencies by being Japan-centric. This means our primary mission is to serve Japanese businesspersons doing business in the US.
However, as our client list shows, it is not only Japanese businesses that we serve. We are proud to say that many US businesses have come to rely on our high-quality, dependable services when they need language and cultural assistance in doing business with Japan.

Our Japanese interpreters are ready to serve!​

Highly experienced professional Japanese interpreters are available for your remote or onsite assignments.
anywhere, anytime.

Hiroki Minaki, President
Hiroki Minaki / President
Kayo Wood / Sr. Interpreter



“We are able to always work with the same interpreter, so he is up to speed on past discussions and we are impressed with both the quality and efficiency of his interpretation skills. “


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By phone US: +1-866-543-0123, Japan: +81-80-7856-9183

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