TsuyakuAmerica|Remote Japanese Interpreters

Introducing Virtual In-house Interpreters​

Virtual In-house Interpreter service provides our clients with easy and convenient access to our Japanese interpreters around the world.
Interpreters are available 24/7, in 15-minute increments, so no more minimum charges to worry about.
Work with your favorite interpreter regularly so they become a virtual member of your team!

Pros at your service

Our interpreters are professionals with many years of experience under their belt.

No minimum charge

Engage the interpreters in
15-minute increments so you only pay for what you use.

24/7, on-demand​

Our interpreters are located around the world, so someone is available all the time, usually at relatively short notice.

The more you use,
​ the cheaper it gets

Our rate structure is discounted by volume, so the more you use, the cheaper the hourly rate!

Easy and convenient​

Once you open an account, scheduling an interpreter is just an email, text, or phone call away. Quick and easy.

Share with colleagues​

Share your account with others in your organization so everyone can use the new “virtual in-house interpreter.”

Virtual in-house interpreters for all your remote communication needs!​

Virtual in-house interpreters for all your remote communication needs!​

Web Conference Systems

Consecutive Interpretation

No special tool necessary. Have your call on the conference system you always use. Just invite our interpreter to your meeting so he/she can login.

Consecutive Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

A special conference system that supports simultaneous interpretation must be used. We can provide the necessary technology from a third-party vendor we work with.

Service Plans​

Prepay Plan
  • Prepay to lock-in low rates​
  • Buy in bulk to get up to 26% off​
  • Spend balance over 1 full year​
  • Extend another year with additional purchase

New customers get 1 additional hour FREE!

Postpay Plan
  • Pay for usage each month​
  • The more monthly usage, the lower the rate (max 26% off) ​
  • Ideal if you prefer monthly payment
  • Rate fluctuates based on monthly usage