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Welcome to the first blog on the Tsuyaku America website! We are glad to see that you’ve taken the time to explore all of the great resources our website has to offer. Our blog will contain a wealth of information about our Japanese interpretation services, and more generally about Japan, its people, its culture, and about doing business with the Japanese, so stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll be exploring those topics in more depth.

In today’s post, we will introduce you to our company and explain what you can expect when you choose to work with Tsuyaku America. If you need a Japanese interpreter for your business, then get in touch with us to tell us more about your project. We will happily suggest the most effective and cost-efficient way to use a Japanese interpreter for your business with Japan. Read on to learn more about our interpretation company!

About Tsuyaku America

“Tsuyaku” means “interpreter” in Japanese. So, Tsuyaku America means “Interpreter America” in Japanese. Our mission is to provide language assistance to Japanese businesses conducting business in the United States. This means our mission also is to provide language assistance to US businesses working with Japanese entities. Our mission is to bridge the language barriers between businesses in the two countries.

Tsuyaku America’s founder and CEO, Hiroki Minaki, is an active interpreter himself, frequently interpreting for executive-level discussions between Japanese businesses and Silicon Valley technology companies. He also frequently teams up with his fellow Japanese interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretations at major industry conferences in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Before launching Tsuyaku America in 2018, Hiroki was providing Japanese translation and interpretation services in the San Francisco Bay Area under the HonyakuAmerica.com (= “Translation America” in Japanese) URL. With the growth of the business, TsuyakuAmerica.com was launched to split off the interpretation business from HonyakuAmerica and to expand the market coverage of the interpretation business to the entire US.

The other goal of TsuyakuAmerica.com is to become a freelance interpreter marketplace where businesses looking to hire interpreters and freelance interpreters looking for work can efficiently find each other with a few clicks on their browser or through an app. We hope to launch this new service in early 2019.

Why Choose Tsuyaku America? 

As an active Japanese interpreter himself, and with extensive experience working at both Japanese and US companies in cross-border business deals, Hiroki Minaki has a first-hand understanding of the needs of Japanese businesses, US businesses, and the interpreters who serve these businesses.

When we say we will propose a solution that best meets your business’ needs, we say this based on the numerous real-life situations that we have experienced. Unlike other language service agencies with a sales representative who is not an interpreter and is not knowledgeable about the language and cultural needs of setting up a meeting with Japanese businesses, we can help you decide what is best to make your meeting a success.

We also pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the freelance Japanese interpreters with whom we work. As we transition this business into a marketplace for freelance interpreters, we pledge to work on improving the working conditions of the freelancer. As we build a platform that provides a better working environment for freelance interpreters, we believe more interpreters will enter the freelance market. We are confident that this, in turn, will lead to better service quality and competitive prices.

With our extensive experience and our access to the network of Japanese freelance interpreters around the country, we will help you find an interpreter that will best meet your business’ needs at a competitive price. If we cannot find someone in your neighborhood, we will find someone who can travel to you or with you, wherever you need language assistance.

Contact Tsuyaku America Today!

We will be posting more blog articles in the coming days and weeks to provide our readers with more information about our Japanese interpretation services, about doing business with Japan, and interesting information about Japan in general. Be sure to check back periodically.

If you are planning a specific event or project that may require Japanese language assistance, we would be happy to assist with the planning. There is no cost or obligation for simply asking for advice on how to plan an event or to get a quote. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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